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6 Audi Fun Facts to Tell Your Potential Customers

Equip yourself with stories and fun facts about Audi to impress your customers. Whether you’re closing sales or just sharing your passion for cars, these Audi facts will make an impact.

Prestige, innovative technology, beautiful design—these are just some of the reasons why people choose to get an Audi.

But, even with all these appealing qualities, customers sometimes need a little extra push to make a decision and buy their very own Audi. That's where you, a well-prepared car dealer, come in.

Chatting about a car’s features and sharing interesting facts can really grab your buyer’s attention and make your conversations more engaging.

So, if you’d like to arm yourself with fun Audi trivia to help you close sales, keep reading!

Audi fun fact #1 Four rings in the logo

Audi’s four interlocked rings make up one of the most memorable logos not only in the automotive industry, but across all global brands.

The rings are more than a powerful visual symbol; they also represent Audi’s origins. 

Each ring represents one of four car manufacturers that merged to create Audi's predecessor company, Auto Union AG. These were Audi, DKW, Horch, and Wanderer.

Source: Audi

So, if your potential buyer is a history buff, this fact will blow them away.

Also, keep in mind that some people think that there’s a connection between the Audi logo and the Olympics—but there isn’t.

In fact, in 1995, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) sued Audi, claiming the rings were too similar to the Olympic rings.

Guess who won the case? Audi, of course! There was no infringement, and Audi successfully defended their iconic logo.

Audi fun fact #2 The origin of the name

Many car enthusiasts deservedly praise Audi for its German engineering. But did you know that the name Audi has Latin roots?

When founding engineer August Horch left his earlier company (A.Horch & Cie), he was looking for a new name for his next car company. His own surname was already in use, so he couldn’t use “Horch” again.

During a meeting with his business partners, an unexpected source had the idea to use a Latin name.

The son of one of Horch’s business partners overheard the conversation. He suggested translating “Horch”, which means “listen” in German, into Latin. Therefore, “Audi”, which means “listen” in Latin, was chosen, and the name is still used today.

Audi fun fact #3 Crash testing pioneers

Today, more and more automakers are deciding to crash-test their vehicles. However, Audi, or its predecessors at DKW, were the first to implement this practice, way back in 1938.

The first crash test was quite basic; the engineers simply pushed a vehicle down a ramp. Still, that was enough for the spectators to see that the car could sustain damage. The vehicle rolled over several times, and engineers were still able to open a door.

Source: Motor Authority

The practice has evolved since then. Audi has even opened a separate Vehicle Safety Center where they conduct crash tests with dummies, moving barriers, and a variety of methods for simulating real-world accidents.

Source: Audi

Alright, now we’re done with our history crash course. Let’s move on to fun facts about Audi’s future-oriented technologies!

Audi fun fact #4 Audi almost went to space

Can you imagine an Audi A6 floating around in outer space? Neither can we, but Audi did take steps towards space exploration by creating Lunar Quattro, a moon rover.

You can take a look at the rover in the video below. It’s relatively small in size, but it’s equipped with advanced electronics and sophisticated tech, which are areas where Audi always excels.

Audi Lunar Quattro | Fully Charged

Audi collaborated with PT Scientists to design the Audi Lunar Quattro. This solar-powered rover was supposed to go to the Moon and search for an abandoned moon buggy.

However, the mission did not proceed, and the rover has remained on Earth. Luckily, it has found a side job in acting, making an appearance in Alien: Covenant.

That’s not Audi’s only acting role, though. We’ll take a peek at its appearances on the big screen.

Audi fun fact #5 Audi cars are Hollywood stars

You don’t have to look far to spot Audi in blockbusters.

There’s an A8 in Spider-Man: Homecoming and Transporter 3, an SQ7 in Captain America: Civil War, and an A5 in The Bourne Ultimatum.

Source: Top Gear

A high-performance Audi stealing the spotlight in action-packed thrillers?

Hardly surprising.

What’s truly interesting is Audi’s presence in different, unexpected genres, such as the TT Roadster in Legally Blonde: 2.

Even Christian Grey of Fifty Shades of Grey drives an R8 Spyder, showing the world that Audi transcends typical cinematic limits.

The examples we’ve listed are all about real cars that you can simply purchase and drive in real life.

However, the brand also frequently showcases its concept cars in films, like RSQ E-tron in Spies In Disguise, RSQ in I Robot, or E-Tron GT Concept in Avengers: Endgame.

Will Smith's I, Robot Audi RSQ

Lastly, although Audi is sometimes nicknamed the Lord of the Rings, there are no Audi vehicles in The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Imagine an Audi-branded orc, though. Now that’s an idea to consider in sequels.

Audi fun fact #6 Automated driving prioritizes saving human lives

Self-driving cars might not be commercially available just yet. Even so, your customers may have already started asking you about the future of autonomous driving and what it means for their safety.

Audi makes one thing clear here:

“In hazardous situations, protecting human life is top priority.”

In other words, once Audi does roll out autonomously-driving cars, you can be sure that the driving software will prioritize the safety of passengers, pedestrians, and other road users above all else. Sorry, lamp posts!

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All in all, if the question “How did Audi get its name” has ever crossed your mind, now you know. We hope that these fascinating bits of info will help you amaze your customers, while also positioning you as an automotive expert.

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